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About The Artist

When you think about the way a vibrant, original handbag can make your spirits soar, it should come as no surprise that Art Bags founder Debora Crichton worked for 20 years in the commercial aircraft industry before establishing her Bridgeport, Connecticut studio.

As a Director of Engineering at McDonnell Douglas in Los Angeles, Debora did make things—big things like airplanes. But since her day job did not allow room for creative expression, she spent much of her spare time designing and crafting toys and handbags in her home workshop. Debora soon realized that she was actually applying engineering principles to her work as an artist, turning industrial materials into creations that were both beautiful and functional.

A turning point came when “Fashion Scientist” Debora, who always carried pictures of her dogs Max and Zak with her, got the idea to use a glossy polymer she’d invented to appliqué the photos on the outside of one of her sculptured handbags.

“People chased me down the street, demanding to know where I’d found my bag!” Debora recalls. “One woman even jumped out of her car at a stop sign!  That’s when I knew my bags had real appeal.”

Initially, Art Bags featured popular dog breeds. The line quickly expanded to include classic and contemporary art images. Today, Debora continues to add an eclectic range of inspired motifs through licensing agreements with museums, artists and photographers. In addition, matching business card cases, compact mirrors and cosmetic bags now add even more ways to carry your own conversation-starter!